Tips on Purchasing Canvas Printers

Making the commercial canvas prints can take up to 5-7 good days, but there are companies that can do it for you in 3 days. Well, the above sounds good but not as good as printing the canvas yourself at least you won’t be thinking about it every other time. Apart from the DIY projects that people try out at home, canvas printing can be a profitable niche when done at home, and in your free time, think about it.

So instead of leaving your printer to collect dust and only use it when you want to print paper documents, how about you make good use of it and turn it into a moneymaker. Inkjet printers have been established to have the ability to print on canvas.

However, if you want to go large scale then better you find the special printers designed to be used on canvases because they are much more capable of handling the large and heavy pieces of canvas, entrepreneurs will also be provided with more cartridges when compared to the inkjet printers.

How to canvas print at home

Now for those of us who are still on their baby steps, here is how you can print on canvas while at home. First, ensure that your page is set on printer options, then on the medial type you will click on the canvas, you will then open the back feed tray and the output tray of your printer. Click on print and then proceed to push the manual feed button when you receive the prompt, you will then open the front paper jam tray once you receive the prompt and then close the paper jam tray once the canvas feeds.

For the above process to be successful ensure that your printer can handle the canvas. And if you feel like the above is too hectic, you always have the option of ordering from sizes starting at 8X10 inches to 40X60 inches. Mind you, there is also the option of creating larger prints through blocks where one photo gets divided into three or more individual prints.

If you, therefore, wish to settle with the above option, you should know that the size of the print will be greatly determined by the resolution of your photos.

Best printer for canvas printing

While you can print with your normal printer on canvas, they simply don’t feature the build necessary to handle the heavy canvas media, in essence, is that the manual roll feed of a canvas printing printer can handle weights of up to 60 to 280gsm; while your normal paper printer is only capable of handling lightweights of about 500gsm.

So the cons of using a printer that is not meant for printing canvas is that the cutter will be the first one to suffer as it will blunt rather quickly. The second worst thing that can happen is that the X-motor configured to drive the cutter will probably burn out because of a lack of motor power and increased friction. However, if you are on a tight budget and want to proceed with canvas printing using your normal printer, you could manually cut the print meaning that you would have to disengage the cutter.